KULT ”Unleashed from Dismal Light”

Folter Records – 2013 – Italy

The Italian band KULT already exists since 2001. They released in October their second full-length cd “Unleashed From Dismal Light“ via Folter Records.
The opener “Specter’s Recurrence“ initially starts very calm and instrumental. But after some seconds already KULT show where the musical journey will really lead us to here. Old School Black Metal is now the topic. Raw and primordial presented the listener is put in the good old days. A journey in pitch-black worlds which only know hate and coldness. Dark riffs which carry hopelessness and deep despite generate together which forceful bass-lines a depressive atmosphere without hope for cure or even brightening. The powerful, however not overly foregrounded drumming does one last thing. The very emotional and dedicated growls of vocalist Turmulash reinforces aggressiveness and frustration. The all in all eight songs all move in the mid tempo area. Thereby is completely renounced of all technical folderol or even excursions in other musical realms. A very strong cd which transports the old Black Metal spirit into the year 2013 without thereby being too nostalgic. Conscious simple produced “Unleashed From Dismal Lights“ sounds like a production which is straight arisen from the abysm of hell. Listen to KULT by all means. It is worth it!!!!


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