KRUNA ”Last Century”

Bakerteam Records – 2013 – Italy

KRUNA are from Italy. Recently they published their first full-length album via Bakerteam Records. It is called “Last Century“.

The listener immediately knows here what he gets! Death Metal through and through and that not too small! Melodic and nevertheless hard Metal riffs give the note. Thereby is utterly renounced of experiments. Supported by hard doubleblast drumming in the mid tempo area develop all in all eleven songs which are energetic and nevertheless kinda familiar. But, this doesn’t mean that KRUNA are a cover band! It is gone back to tried and trusted which is extremely hearable. It is also floored one’s ear with the speed, but they doesn’t poach in the highspeed area. Technical impeccable recorded “Last Century“ offers everything a solid Death Metal cd should contain. Listen to KRUNA and form your own judgement. You won’t regret it!!!

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