KRISIUN ”The Great Execution”

Century Media – 2011 – Brazil

This new album of this great Brazilian Death Metal band is a real killer album and I am sure that all the fans of them who have it already like it very much and those who don’t have will surely get it soon. On this album you can find everything that a good Death Metal (and from time to time even Black Metal) album has to have. Blast beats, killer riffs and deep Growls that just make you to start a mosh pit wherever you at this moment while you are listening to the songs from it. I saw them live here in my home town while they were promoting this album and I saw how these songs can affect their fans. On this album, there is one bomb after another and all of them will leave only destruction after them and still you want more of it. Merciless, it releases an attack after another and every next one is heavier than the previous one. And this continues for about 10 songs. Even Black Metal fans who don’t like Death Metal too much can find here something for them as well, because it sounds a lot like Behemoth and in the absence of a new Behemoth release, it can fit the void very good. Maybe even too good for Behemoth’s case 😉 . The production of this album is at the highest standards of today and it sounds heavy and sharp like a razor. In a year like this, when most of the old Death Metal bands brought of bad albums or in the best case, mediocre albums ( I wont name any band), an album like this one is more than welcome because it shows that there are still good bands out there from this Genre that are able to make a good release.


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