KRISIUN – Scourge of the Enthroned

Krisiun’s brothers who had a dedicated obsession to Death Metal in the first part of the 90s and their
dedication and courage made Krisiun into an underground reputation in the second half of the 90s
and later they became one of the most important metal music importations of Brazil. With their first
3 full-length albums, Krisiun was one of the fastest and most diabolic bands from Brazil, and in my
personal view,’’first three albums’’ rule is valid for the case of Krisiun if we listen to the comments
of old fans of the band including me.

Krisiun has been kept its original sound and compositions in the 2000’s but neither they go into a direction of more satanic, diabolic with the influence of death-black metal like some fans demanded,
nor they go into a direction of more technical and brutal way of USA death metal in the
compositions. They have been evolved into a band which is influenced by 80’s and 90’s thrash-death
metal bands like Sepultura and maybe Slayer with thrash-death like grooves and tunes in some parts
without harming their original sound and composition structures. Although they continue their own
style as a sound without compromising, one of the biggest dilemmas of the band was this orientation
and the other dilemma was to use repetitive song structures in their songwriting as a three-piece of the band.

I can say that they kept themselves away a little being repetitive song structures in Scourge of the
Enthroned. Old school thrash bands like Sepultura and Slayer influence on Krisiun can be identified in
some songs, the album has some vocals and grooves like old Sepultura and more dynamic compositions
are on the desk, fortunately. Kolesne brothers; metal spirit is one of the factors that make the band
absolutely special in the scene except being satanic or highly technical. That spirit keeps the band alive, I
believe. Drummer Max’s blast beats are one of the band’s trademarks, even though he continues to
hit blasts, he used more drum attacks in the mid-tempo and also compositions and riffs have more
variable notations and structures in some songs, even they have beautiful solos and leads above
average. The album’s production is definitely noticed in this album, everything sounds very natural
and a strong mature sound dominates the album. Compositions are in between mid-tempo thrash-death
metal and high-speed old school Krisiun death metal. This new album didn’t change my idea that the
brothers need a new composer and a guitarist.

I think they have managed to develop their musical orientations into the way where they choose. I
preferably mention this especially based on their recent albums. If you are an old fan of the band with
an archive of Krisiun, buy this album or a Death metal fan who knows the band or not, just get on the
board and take a look.


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