Cold Spring Records – 2012 – Austria

This is the third album of Silenius (Summoning) side project. It is now 6 years since the release of the second album of Kreuzweg Ost, but the sound of this project is still the same. For all those who never heard about Kreuzweg Ost, this is a project where Silenius mixes different sounds and where he puts samples from movies in it instead of singing or spoken lyrics. Silenius choose this time the topic religion for this album like the name of the album already says: Gott mit Uns (God with us). I can’t figure out what he wants to say with this, because the samples are taken from different movies and each one has some other message to say it so. One track is a conversation between Nuns in a monastery and another one is taken from the Gibson movie “The Passion Of Christ”. Good luck in figuring out what he wants to say. Personally, I like more the previous album because it was easier to listen to and also it had some kind of “hits” on it.


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