KREATOR ”Hordes of Chaos”

SPV Records – 2009 – Germany

Not even a slew of 20-somethings trying to prolong a short-lived thrash renaissance (here’s looking at you Warbringer) could diminish a new Kreator album’s appeal. Keeping the momentum they started with 2006’s “Enemy of God” running at a killer pace, “Hordes of Chaos” arrives in a blizzard of distorted guitars that introduces the title track. The song “Hordes of Chaos” packs a familiar grimness that wouldn’t be lost to the band’s most ardent fans. Even better, it has a galloping shout along chorus. As for the solos, it’s hit and miss. Then again, it’s the decibels and the musical evil that are this album’s winning qualities.

“Warcurse” doesn’t let the mood slip for a single second, being just as vitriolic as its predecessor, with guitarist and frontman Mille Petroza keeping busy belting the lyrics in his signature snarl. The speed accelerates for “Escalation” and then crashes against a brick wall on the adrenalin charged “Amok Run.” “Destroy What Destroys You” loses its stellar qualities in the shadow of its follow up, the rebel anthem “Radical Resistance” that’s all about a new world order, terrorists, and civil unrest. It’s a violent song that explodes into a frenzy of energized guitars and everybody’s favorite gang-style backing vocals.

“Absolute Misanthropy” is that rare Kreator song that you can sing to and mosh with at the same time, it’s a formula for songwriting so potent, the following track “To the Afterborn” sounds cast in the same mold. “Corpses Of Liberty” marks the overture to the final act, it’s a short instrumental segue that just oozes misanthropic intent. Once it finishes, “Demon Prince” enters resplendent in its guitar harmonies and melodiousness, but it doesn’t stray far from the rest, bearing the hallmarks of essential Kreator.

“Hordes of Chaos” sets the standard for whatever else pushes the thrash envelope this year. It’s a lesson in violence to the younger generation of thrashers on how it’s done the Kreator way. The bottom line is, this won’t disappoint.


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