KRAKE ”Conquering Death”

Indie Records – 2012 – Norway

This is the first album of this new Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal which is in the opinion of some people the most promising newcomers from this genre of this year. The music on their first album is Symponic Black Metal like we know from this country from some other bands, but in a new way comparing to those old releases from there that are milestones on this field. This band does a good job on their first album, but I most say that I am not so satisfied with it. My problem is that it sounds a bit too familiar to me, even if some parts of their songs have an epic touch which reminds me also of some other bands. There are some hits here on this album, but I don’t think that they will leave a mark in this genre, so I would use the word hits a bit wider than in the usual case. Sure, these songs have a great potential, but this band could work a bit on the details in them to make them even better. This way, it will be hard for this band to fight for their place in this genre with such bands as Graveworm, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Carach Angren. “The Great Leviathan” and “A Murder Of Crows” are among these songs that I mentioned. The other songs here on this album have also something in them, but some of them can be a bit boring and at some moments they sound already played by some other bands like those I mentioned before.


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