KOROG ”Mumus”

Now, I will tell you about such a band that even I with utmost curiosity and pleasure have listened to it. Korog is a 13 years band through which even Attila Csihar has passed, the legendary vocal of Mayhem out of the cult scene of Black Metal realms. The band, every now and then recording albums, has taken its place in the racks presently with its fourth studio album.

Defining their style as Black’n Roll, the album was arranged by incorporating Black Metal vocals with rock’n roll patterns along with hardcore interactions. This makes the album unique above the common stock black metal, and it makes up an album worth listening.

Delving into the depths of the album, It is an album that is both musically rich in the context, and tending to be monotonous at the same time. Correspondingly, when you listen to an album with robust beginning, right, okay the melodies are good, or the sound kicks ass, quite a jewel for the genre’s addict, However all the songs are in same steady tempo and based on the very similar riff structures. Also It’s a disadvantage when the tempo goes slow, a gimmick that is only a glitch.
Apart from all, there are two prominent tracks that needs to bewared, and they are successive in the track list, Encounter The Bogeyman, and, Testing The Grave. Otherwise, the thing here is a familiar stuff of a thoroughly uncommon style. If you fellas ask what’s all about: To make well use of the musical skills. After gaining experience, producing what you’re intended to do deservedly, to be unique and giving importance to the experimentation and mutability in your albums, and at least doing this skillfully and adapting these to your style. The bands that can manage these have always been legendary anyways.

All other than what’s been stated here, Korog is a decent band in respect to their execution in a different style, and really surmounting their style. For the album is a must-listen-to one, I call unto those interested, as it needs to be given a try. Must be obtained.

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