KONGH ”Sole Creation”

Agonia Records – 2012 – Sweden

The Swedes KONGH are no novices in the Doom Metal area anymore. They honour the sympathetic listener already since 2004 with their melodies. At the beginning of 2013 their latest trick “Sole Creation” will come via Agonia Records on the scene.

What can I expect here? Here is celebrated Doom Metal through and through. The gents offer four compact, long songs which are really rich. Typical halting riffs which are highlighted with much melody. The songs are all located in the mid tempo area and offer pure melancholy and depression! Strongly bass lines unite with dark, melodic sound frameworks to an independent musical mass which shows a distinct development in comparison to the previous productions of KONGH. The melodies itself come at “Sole Creation” a bit more to the fore without seeming thereby disturbing. Dark worlds full of pain and hate develop. There’ no escape. This atmosphere is still reinforced and emphasised by the emphatic vocals. The songs go forwards Very emotionally charged and full of pain and they leave a lasting impression on the listener. Technically well recorded offers “Sole Creation” everything which stirs the blood of a Doom Metal fan. It is no easy run-of-the mill musical food and right therefore you should listen to KONGH by all means. It’s worth it for sure!!!!

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