Killer Tracks : Witchaven – Supermax

Metal always tells the truth, mostly at least. The rest of the music on the earth is still focusing on love, illusion, fake happiness etc. Humanity is still a premature child that explores itself. We just realized our dark side, psychological wounds, desire to ‘have’, desire ‘to be’ instinctive evilness, and more. 

Schopenhauer, Stirner, Freud were the first ones that dive deep into humans. We still have the same needs as our ancestors but we are describing ourselves as modern, post-modern etc. nowadays. How can we escape from this irritating illusion? 

From ancient poets to the 70’s ‘modern people’ there has not been too many lyrics about real-life Only some regional/folkloric tracks tell the truth of past and present reality but they are regional. Not international, so they do not have any voice. The rest of them are about legends, love, empires, emperors, some traditional things and other shits.
With the Hippies, the lyrics changed a little bit. It was able to tell some truth but with full cuteness, hope and Hippie culture described humans as good, pure-hearted. But when young people look around, there are no pure-hearted, good people on the side.  People are already tired from WWI and WWII and superpowers still want more war.
With this situation, anger is born with 70’s punks. With a little bit of distortion, punk searched for his place in music. Talked about everything. But it is not powerful like 80’s punk, crust, grindcore, metal. So in the ’80s, all the bands started to attack the fake politics, morals and lies of humanity. So we are calling this ‘anti-music now. It is totally the music but not for the norms of the popular view of the distorted reality. This is like Dadaism. But a little bit late.
So who tells about ‘pleasure to kill’, democratic dictators, animal rights or misanthropy? Yes, we are here again.
Today we are with Witchaven to tell us about the prison systems in the USA.
You’ll hear about how prisoners become slaves for companies and corporations with the government’s help. Let’s take a look and listen to the whispers of the real world;

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