KEVLAR SKIN ”Transmigrator”

Eclectic Records – 2014 – Spain

The Spaniards KEVLAR SKIN are already since 1998 musically active. Last year they put their latest trick “Transmigration“ via Eclectic Prductions on the market.
The gents also does take here no prisoners! Immediately and without ceremony severe Death Metal rings out off my loudspeakers. Straight into your face without any technical gimmickry or with splendid experiments. The listener gets here from the first moment on a full-service in the matter of Death Metal. Rough riffs which go partially into the Grindcore area compose with an uncompromising doubleblast drumming the musical base frame. KEVLAR SKIN thereby display a pretty high speed. Little short of highspeed thrashing mingled with the reedy, very distinctive growls of vocalist Fer who also spouts partiallyGrindcore grunting to an unholy, aggresive musical mass. The neck muscle is here in permanent rotation. Rage, aggression and hate centralized in notes result in an extremely energetic cd which leaves nothing to be desired. For all who take the things harder is a must-buy!!!!


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