KETUM ”Kazimasyon”

Self-Released – 2010 – Turkey

Massacre a-la franga! Death/Crust band Ketum is once again on the scene with an EP. Pure studio record EP is called Kazımasyon, and it deserves that (Album name can be translated as ‘Scrapition(Scrape-ition 🙂 ))

5 song EP has known Ketum sound and goes on opening eyes with the same violent, hateful and rebellious lyrics. Songs in the EP are all in Turkish and their names in order are Kına(Henna), Likidite Girsin Göte(Liquitidy Up To the Ass), Senaryo(Scenario), Yalanlar(lies) and Yapma(Don’t)

To sum up, get this so called appetizer that band presented and calm your hunger before the album. Album is shared on the Internet(Click to download) I strongly suggest you to download and listen. Especially the ones who love the genre shouldn’t miss.


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