KATAPLEXIA ”Supreme Authority”

Xtreem Music – 2008 – Finland

I got to know the Finnish band Kataplexia’s music with their former album. I have listened it among those which came with Xtreem Music. I received this album a little late , but still I wanted to make review on it, because Kataplexia, since their “Catastrphic Scenes” album, comes amongst my favourites which I quite often listen to. The band has continued their way with three members, although they use a session drummer in concerts since the drummer is also the vocal of the band.

Far from the European death metal, which was actually expected from them, the band one more time comes with American brutal death metal that I favor more than anything. Brutal riffes responsible of the massacre, sometimes fast, sometimes slow drums with plenty of blast beat and guttural vocals with gore, perverse lyrics. Occasional slam riffes are like moments of crime or beginning of perversion. The music by the bands like Kataplexia sounds like massacre to me, this is how I get the taste of brutal death metal… They are capable of transfering the meaning of the lyrics to the soul of the music. Very successful. This album is delicious for the monster of death metal.


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