KAMLATH ”Stronger Than Frost”

Cult KR – 2011 – Russia

“Stronger than Frost” is an album that’s drenched with woefully melodic vocals that weave in and out and also combined with somber harmonies. The members are no strangers when it comes to delivering this type of power to the masses seeing as the majority has played with the likes of bands such as Within Temptation, Candlemass, Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Although they are labeled as “dark metal” they preferred to be called Siberian metal and I fully agree with that as I am completely fascinated with the idea of metal coming out of Siberia.

The album begins with “Isgher” that has Marco Benevento bringing his sorrowful vocals before that is meshed with beautiful harmonies and distorted guitars that are held back as not to overpower. Mike Wead gives us a solo on this track that holds a very mature rhythm that shows the soul of their music. “Thy Revelation” is a haunting track with Marco’s eerie vocals with an elegant bass line that makes it even darker. The title track delivers some excellent riffs and solid drum work with Marco’s vocals once again leaving you with goose bumps. “From Siberian Deeps” is a powerful closer that carries a fierce rhythm that is slowly carried out by a howling wind and quiet whispers that say “take a breath of cold day and blood, pulsing through our veins, our tribe still strong”.

“Stronger than Frost” shows that Kamlath has great pride for Siberia and the people who reside there and I believe they did them a great honor. They delivered this album with expertise, talent and soul. You will not want to miss out on this fantastic album.


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