JARUN ”Wziemiozstąpienie”

Self-Released – 2012 – Poland

Last year the Poles JARUN put their debut cd “Wziemiozstapienie“ in in-house production on the scene.

Here is celebrated Black Metal. Pitch-black and of unending mourning shaped sound frameworks are muffled of folkloric-tinted riffs. Thereby develop very independent songs which are melodic and at the same time vitriolic. Powerful doubleblast drumming emphasises the severity. But, JARUN doesn’t ski down in high speed their songs. They always stay in the mid tempo area. The darkness and hopelessness is emphasised and reinforced by changes of speed. Vocalist Meph literally screams his mind to the heavens which illustrates very well coldness and despair. The folkloric insertions show the bands’ independency and give the all in all eight songs separate identities. The lyrics are such as the album title written in Polish language which emphasises the individuality. All components together result in the sound of JARUN. Technically impeccable recorded the guys show their skills at “Wziemiozstapienie“. I can only recommend the cd!!!

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