IXPAPALOTL ”Corpse Republic”

Self Release -2013- Greece

The Greeks IXPAPALOTL released earlier of the year 2013 their cd “Corpse Republic“ as a digital download in the internet in in-house production.
The gents play Death Metal through and through. Riddled with several Grindcore elements originates an individual sound. Hard riffs which are concise and come ever to the point, generate together with forceful bass-lines aggressive songs which are very lively and go definitely forwards. The severe doubleblast drumming gives additionally the main points in order that you don’t forget “Corpse Republic“ that fast. The listener is taken in gloomy worlds full of hate and energy. Headbanging non-stop is the order of the day! The all in all seven songs all move in the upper mid tempo area. Nevertheless IXPAPALOTL try to design the production diversified which succeeds. Also productional you can’t grumble. Very emotional and dedicated recorded you can only recommend this band!!!! Download the cd at . It’s each Cent qorth!


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