INVOKER – ” A New Age”

Godeater Records -2013 – Germany

I recently found a cd of the German band INVOKER in my Metal mailbox. It is distributed via Godeater Records and is called “A New Age“.
The gents get immediately started. Without intro and other folderol INVOKER play perfect Death Metal from the first to the last minute. Typical Death Metal riffs, skilful arranged can be also halting sometimes. They generate together with the powerful drumming and the strong bass lines the bands’ sound. Thereby the riffs are very diversified and multi-variant. Nevertheless INVOKER never leave their Death Metal path. They don’t need to do that in order to sound harsh and severe. The very distinctive, dark growls of vocalist and guitarist T.B. are still the icing on the cake of “A New Area“. They outstanding fit in the overall structure and give the whole a dark, personal note. The all in all eight songs are all played very fast which yet reinforce self-assertion and hardness. The listener has no time to take a breath here! Headbanging from the first to the last minute is therefore the order of the day. The gents know what they want musically and implement this consequently. “A New Age“ is very professional and dedicated recorded. Who is into rude Death Metal should absolutely listen to INVOKER. I can only recommend this band!!!!


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