Innzmouth – ”Crowned With Abnormality”

NitroAtmosfericum Records-2013- Syria

The duo INNZMOUTH from Syria / New England is heard from again. Their two-song EP “Crowned With Hate“ was published this year via NitroAtmosfericum Records.
The two Lovecraft influenced gents show also here what Depressive Black Metal is. Halting riffs which are all located in the mid tempo are mix with pitch-black melodies to a very own sound which is without any hope and light. Dense sound ramparts which are weighting tons arise. Conscious kept simple emphasizes just this simplicity isolationa and depression. Thereby the gents completely renounce of loud, fast tones. Supported by keyboard speckles now and then which however can’t offer any loosening up. Daemon turns here his inside out. Very emotional and dedicated recorded got “Crowned With Abnormality“ no easy to consume musical food. The listener needs good stamina in order to understand all details. Primordial and very raw recorded I can only recommend INNZMOUTH to each Depressive Black Metal fan!!!!


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