INGESTED ”The Surreption”

Siege of Amida Records – 2011 – United Kingdom

Ingested is the one of my favorites bands on the UK death metal scene. Split with Kastrated and Crepitation, then a great album, “Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering” made it readily took to the crosstalk of the new CD of them. Once again, I am very satisfied with the proposal they have prepared. Awesome, modern-sounding, at times slammming brutal death metal with some core inclinations shows incredible potential of this team. The trakcs contained in “The Surreption” are not boring and you can hear that they are thoroughly thought out. Evidence of this whole mass of different types of transitions and unusual accent, which was instrumental in a fantastic influence on the dynamics of the whole. Ingested musicians create music that sounds incredibly powerful and technically advanced. Vocally little guys put weight on more screams, but this has no negative impact on the reception, as they are skillfully blended with lower growls, which as usual rule. It also introduces a new element in a hardcore `singalongs” (another part for the benefit of the diversity of the disc). Of course, once again they play a significant crushing large dose of relief that even explode between the parties frantic blasts:). Here we have both parties breakdown`s, damped slams and death metal typical discharge`s. The second full album Ingested really keeps the high level and will certainly satisfy fans of bands like Waking The Cadaver and Aborted (and are definitely better than them).

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