INFUNERAL – Torn from the Abyss

Blackcrowned Records -2011- Sweden

Infuneral’s second album,’’Torn from the Abyss’’,was released by Blackcrowned records in 2011.Honestly we can say that we are really late to review this album in a way but their promo was arrived last month so it is not directly related to our laziness.
Of course,this band is from sweden so we will face to many cold chords and freezing melodies with a brand-old sound so called swedish style.The band’s similarities can be presented or named like bands from swedish underground like Arckanum,Ondskapt,Armagedda.Absolutely, Infuneral is not a clone band but the sound and song writing similarities in a way remembers us that sound.
Also a band member of Infuneral named himself ‘’A.’’ manages a one man band called Putrified.Actually I recommend both bands to the readers…Later don’t say me I did not tell you so…

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