INFLIKTED – ”Inflikted”

Wormhole Death Records – 2014 – Sweden

INFLIKTED are from Sweden. Since 2011 together as a band they released in 2013 with the help of WormholeDeath Records their cd “Inflikted“.
What can I expect of this production? Here is celebrated Death Metal at its finest. Presented Old School-wise INFLIKTED show from the first tone on where the musical journey will lead us to. Uncompromising and hard it goes without any detours straight to the target. Diversified riffs give the necessary energy and innovation in order to receive the necessary bite. Innovative and nevertheless familiar sounds bring the alternation in order not to sound boring and stale. The production is thrilling and fresh. The distinctive voice of bassist and vocalist Mikael Karlsson gives the necessary aggressiveness and boldness as well. The gents know here what the want and implement this also consequently: Namely solid Thrash Metal. Very dedicated and professional recorded I can only entrust INFLIKTED to any Thrash Metal fan!!!!


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