Emanes Metal Records – 2010 – France

The album of French thrash metal band Infinite Translation have been up for sale since a few days ago. I can call them an agressive thrash band. If we have a look at the album generally, we can come across old dirty works of thrash. Although the tones of the drum bother me much (it sounds like a drum machine), the album is a tense one. The drum stands in so forefront that the vocal is hardly heard. I can briefly talk about the the genre of them: if you listen to Overkill and involved in some underground works a bit, you can listen to them.

In fact, the album is a very triggering and good one but still I find it avarege. There is a triggering atmoshpere in the album but it cannot climb up so I cannot find it sincere. If this group was from South America, Germany or Japan I would find it so, but a thrash, crossover, heavy sound from France can sound a little weird. This doesn’t mean that Infinite Translation is a bad band and I cannot recommend. Nope, it is thrash anyway – a nice thrash -, thrashers don’t miss it.


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