INFESTED BLOOD ”Interplanar Decimation”

Gormageddon / Stygian Crypt Productions – 2009 – Brazil

INFESTED BLOOD was formed in 1999 in Brazil and they published their 3rd album their 10th anniversary. It’s not an album all ears can listen to, only the ones who love high speed may like it.

Infested Blood is one of the new wave brutal death metal bands, ultra speedy and extreme. It has riffs that follows the drums which make you feel the violence, and inhuman guttural vocals. When I played Enmity on Extreminal Radio, people thought there was a problem about the radio, some people may remember, they are so fast. INFESTED BLOOD is as fast as Enmity, but drums are variable with the fills. I don’t know how he plays on the stage, but we should kiss his wrists for that. Music is soulless, violated, it’s impossible to find any melodies or a normal rhytm.

I suggest to the ones who loves brutal death metal soulless, ultra violent and non-humanic guttural vocals.


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