Greetings and welcome to the Extreminal webzine.First of all – present your band to those who still don’t know you ?
Hails Extreminal zine! Infested Blood is a brutal death metal band that has always thought of doing sound different than the other Brazilian bands. We look foward to the future of brutal death metal in this new school style that has being growing around the world lately. The band during the first 3 cds had Cristiano at the vocals, Diego (me) at the guitars, Beto at the drums and Eduardo at bass. Now our singer has left the band for personal reasons and I am taking up the whole of front-man and doing guitars and vocals. This new phase of the bands history promises a even more brutal and cleaner sound, that is what is presented in our latest album called Interplanar Decimation.

INFESTED BLOOD are starting a European tour in August/September.What do you expect from it (especially from your dates in Eastern Europe)?
This tour we have being planning since last year, and Im as band manager and booking agent did it for the first time in my life. Organizing a tour is not easy specially to a band that has never gone to Europe before. So everything is an experience to us, we will only know how it really works and how it will work out when we ae there! The Eastern europe tour by the balkans promises to be a very interesting trip in all aspects. Lots of beautiful places like Romania, and lots of different cultures and metal scenes. We are very anxious to play in the Balkans!

Tell us a few words about your latest album “Interplanar Decimation”.Are you satisfied by this album and how was it accepted by fans/press ?
Interplanar Decimation is the step to the higher ground for Infested Blood. This album shows much improvement in all aspects since the last two. We got a great clean recording so the virtuous tempos of drumming and strings can be all understandable, although hard to follow to some. But we acomplished our goal in this album of doing a very mature and professional brutal death metal album, that inspires chaos and awe in those who are attained to extreme music! We receive many good coments about this record, even from people that are not into extreme music cannot deny the work we have done here.

Do you have material for a new album and when do you plan to release it ?
The new songs for the coming album are on the way! This new phase of the band will show a new identity that will keep the agressive and complex work that weve done in Interplanar Decimation, but with a new face, and new phormula. I hope to start recording it soon, so we can release it by july of next year!

How did you get signed with Stygian Crypt? This label is from Russia and you are a Brazilian band – isn’t it hard to work with a label that is located so far away from you ?
Stygian Crypt came to us offering the proposal of contract by our myspace page. We were looking for a label to release our latest CD, and they ended up by re-releasing the first and second album and also the new one! The manager of the label is very professional in distributing Cds around the world, and it was very easy to deal with him only by emails. We are very happy with his work and we are very grateful for all he did in promoting our music around the globe!

What are you lyrics about ? Who writes them and where do you gain inspiration for them ?
The lyrics from the last album talks about fantasy themes like other worlds and abyssal planes of existence. Homes of creatures that uses dimensional portals to get to other planes of existence to hunt and feed. We talk about many unknown worlds and strange civilizations that we read from some fantasy books like Dungeons and Dragons novels. I write most of the stuf, while the bassist Eduardo also comes with good ideas too.

Whose was the idea to name your band INFESTED BLOOD and why ?
The name Infested Blood was dreamed by our drummer Beto in the early days when the band was forming. It was a name that came suddenly with no reasonable explanation, and that everyone liked instantaneously.

Who are the bands/musicians that have influenced you to start playing music ?
I started playing Iron Maiden and Metallica, before getting very enthusiast in death metal with Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Morbid Angel and Suffocation. These last three bands have always influenced all Infested Blood members.

How are the Brazilian death metal concerts ? Who are the best bands in your opinion?
Here in Brazil we do not have space for our kind of music. Here the only kind of metal music that has space for selling shows are melodic metal. The only underground styles that have some good audience here are thrash metal and old school death metal. New School style like Nile, Deeds of Flesh, Origin and ourselves don’t have many followers here in Brazil. Thats why we are betting in the old continent to make this tour and promote Infested Blood where it has the best extreme metal scene in the world. But here in Brazil we have great death metal bands. The best bands for me actually are Krisiun and The Order, no doubt they are one of the worlds best death metal bands!

Which one was the last album that you listened to ?
Origin – antithesis and Nile- those whom the gods detest , I love these two last works from these bands. It shows that brutal death metal has a briliant future ahead! they never disapoint us! fucking extreme work there!

What are you doing when not playing music ? Are you soccer fans and if yes,what do you think of Brazil’s playing in South Africa ?
The last year I have been working all the time in the tour, but in the the available times I like to play RPG video games. Read Dungeon and Dragon novels. Go out to the downtonw of my city to the areas where heavy metal people hangs out to drink beer and listen to music and go to shows. It might seem strange, but I never liked soccer! every brazilian is a big fan of soccer, but I never liked since childhood. Never found it interesting to watch men running after a ball and keep talking about it all day long, and fight about teams choices and stuff like that. hahahahhaah I think its a waste of time, but tastes cannot be discussed! lol

Your final words to our readers ?
We would like to thank everyone that supports real extreme music, specially new school brutal death metal. Thanks a lot for your support Extreminal Zine! Always keep the underground flame alive! Stay brutal!!!

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