INFERNO (XII) ”Call Of Kia”

Self-released – 2013 – Sweden

Recently the Swedes INFERNO (XII) put their second full-length cd “Call Of Kia“ in in-house production on the market.

What can I expect here? Doom sound frames which are dark and depressive come upon Stoner Rock insertions. The riffs vary from halting to Rock which gives the production a bit dynamics. You can literally feel hopelessness and loneliness. By this very arbitrary mix of different stylistic elements receives “Call Of kia“ independence and identity and gives rise to a small microcosm. From the listener is demanded a lot of stamina by the relatively long riffs which are however anything but boring or even monotonous and also by the long running time of the songs. You already have to take time in order to conceive the entire multifacetedness of the cd. The vocals which fit in perfectly in the musical overall structure are yet the icing on the cake! INFERNO (XII) know what they want and implement this also well. Who is into Experimental Doom Metal can grab here unhesitatingly!!!

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