INFERNAL POETRY – ” Paraphillac”

Bakerteam Records – 2013 – Italy

The Italians INFERNAL POETRY are already old hands in the music business. They already exist since 2007. Recently they put their latest opus “Paraphillac“ via Bakerteam Records on the Metal market.
“Paraphillac“ is a very sophisticated production. This is audible from the first note on. Death Metal base frames are supported by all kinds of other musical genres. You can hear Progressive tones, but also Thrash Metal speckles. You can indeed hear Metalcore insertions. The hardness of the cd doesn’t get lost thereby. The great musical variety of the band is partially emphasized and reinforced by severe variations in speed. The listener is surprised again and again and has to adapt himself to new musical situations. The hard, screaming, very emotional solis give additionally the main points. So, “Paraphillac“ is no easy to consume cd. You already need a lot of time in order to be able to conceive the entire multifacetedness of the cd. INFERNAL POETRY are experienced musicians who know what they want and are also able to implement this. For all receptive Death Metal / Deathcore fans, I can only recommend this cd! Listen to “Paraphillac“ .It’s worth it!!!!

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