INFERION ”Aborted By The Sun”

Self-released – 2012 – U.S.A.

INFERION is a two-men band (Nick Reyes aka Thor on drums/guitars/vocals and Ysgar on bass)from the sunny Miamy,Florida.”Aborted By The Sun” is an EP originally recorded in 2003 but due to some unfortunate circumstances (the original master tapes were damaged in a fire),this CD is being released now in 2012.Better late than never,right ?!? On “Aborted By The Sun” you will find six songs of death/black metal fury with melodic edge.Think of the classic Swedish oldschool sound coming from Gothenburg in the beginning of the 90’s – old IN FLAMES,DARK TRANQUILITY,old DISSECTION…Nick is a skilled guitar player and knows how to deliver some quaility riffs like in the track “My Hydrogen Bomb”.The drums are quite monotonous at places which spoils the good impression from the guitar work.In “Imagine Me Geometry” there is even a slow breakdown part which fits good to the predominantely fast music.Besides being a skilled guitarist,Nick also has a powerful throat and his vocals are perfect for this type of melodic death/black metal.As a whole “Aborted By The Sun” is a decent release which will appeal to the fans of the Gothenburg sound.INFERION has also a new full-length album out called “The Desolate” so look for it!


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