INFECTIOUS CATHETER THERAPY ”Incredible Stories From Daily Humans Life”

Gormageddon Productions/Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – Russia

This Album is one the interesting one that I have ever received from Russia, the band is formed as one man project but than continue as a band by attendance of new members after 1 demo, 1 single and 1 EP, they released their full length album this year, I also listened their split album, it was great too.

I checked some the band stage shoots , and also promo photos and looked a bit weired to me 🙂 also some of the photos with smiles are also interesting 🙂 its obvious that the music will be full of fun.. or may be I am having fun with such stuff , I don’t know just personal opinion of me .

The Album starts with an unusual intro, scared me that the music will turn to a rap session but these kind of weird stuff is usual on grind bands.

I can tell that their music sounds like experimental grind, the vocals sound so putrid (by putrid I mean not bad, a way of goregrind tone) the recording is so clear so I guess the productions is good. Whenever it comes to a grind, you can expect a high speed music in your head but on general this band is not a high speed one. This is a slow slicing I mean.

And I can not stop making any comments for 8 Bit Disco outro sounds like an Atari game, enjoyable 🙂

I can recommend this album for who expects an experimental stuff n fun in Goregrind.


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