iNFECTING THE SWARM ”Pathogenesis”

Lacerated Enemy Records – 2014 – Germany

Infecting the Swarm is the latest Brutal Death Metal band from Germany. That scene has just picked up ever since Defeated Sanity made a mark. This band however prefers to do it straight – Disgorge happens to be the primary influence and of course related bands like Pathology (early) and Liturgy. There’s the heft of American bands like Devourment and Guttural Secrete too and the mind-boggling speed as well. On these grounds the band is ace. Perfect brutality and speed, although there’s not that much technicality or flamboyancy like say Rings of Saturn or even recent Pathology. Vocals are among the best and deepest you’ll hear – from the Matti Way school of infernal chasmic growling. The artwork is a refreshing change from the misogynist or overly cheesy gore kinds. Apparently, ‘Pathogenesis’ is the first of three sci-fi themed albums. That’s any day more interesting with at least the imagery leaving something to the imagination, something cerebral at least.

The band is trying to mix things up within the confinement of the sound it’s created for itself, resembling Suffocation, but it seems rather linear. This is something the band could work on, throwing more distinct breaks and tempo changes. The occasional solo or atmospheric parts are too few and far between. But if it’s brutality you’re looking for, this is something that will satisfy you for sure. It depends what you’re looking for when you approach a Brutal Death Metal release – subgenres serve a purpose and this one won’t disappoint you. It saves you the getting-into time because it’s going straight for the jugular.

Let’s hope the band is able to keep up its brutality in the upcoming albums as well and does something a little out of the ordinary. Something perhaps more original or unpredictable. As it stands, ‘Pathogenesis’ is a solid album, for fans of US Death Metal – the fast, utterly brutal and savage kind.

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