INEXISTENZ ”Erfundene Welten”

Naturmacht Productions – 2013 – Slovenia

INEXISTENZ is a 1-man band from Slowenia. B released in February 2013 his second album “Erfundene Welten“ via Naturmacht Productions.

Here it is about a production of the Depressive Metal area. Conscious kept simple Black Metal riffs generate an omnious, dark atmosphere. By the addition of the rhythm fraction musical worlds of pain and sorrow implemented in tones develop. You can literally feel depression, misanthrophy and coldness with each note. B. additionally screams his mind to the heavens which makes “Erfundene Welten“ yet forceful and oppressive. INEXISTENZ create here a very intense cd which makes in its multifatedness accessible to the listener only at repeated listening. The slowly constructing sound frameworks let develop an inpenetably wall of contempt, hopelessness and darkness which you can’t penetrate. The all in all six songs are all kept in the mid tempo area. The lyrics are surprisingly written in German language whereby the production is already therefore unusual. INEXISTENZ created with “Erfundene Welten“ a little pearl in the Depressive Metal area which is already alone because of its compactness and complexity distinguished from many a production. But, better listen to the cd yourselves in order to be able to judge. It’s worth it by all means!

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