INCARNAL ”Hexenhammer”

Self Released Album – 2014- Poland

Late last year the Polish band INCARNAL released their latest opus “Hexenhammer“ in in-house production. Since 2010 active as a band the gents are truely no newcomer anymore.
To classify the music of INCARNAL is not that easy. Sure, Death Metal elements predominate here. But, this is by no means all. Sometime extremely technical played riffs which are presented multi-variant and genre typic. Nevertheless they have sufficient brutality in order to give the production proper power and perseverance. Then again melodic, but nevertheless never played too soft or let alone too slow. The gents also poach into Black Metal realms which emphasizes the intensity and power of “Hexenhammer“ and yet reinforces it. Especially this versatility represents the bands’ independent sound. The extremely fast doubleblast drumming does one last thing yet that the all in all ten songs brand into the listeners’ mind. Moving into the mid tempo to the upper mid tempo the production is energetic and goes definitely forwards. The dark, emphatic growls fit in well into the overall structure. The spoken establishing shots now and then additionally put into play a frightening, oppressive atmosphere. INCARNAL can do it also different You can even hear here slower, little short of Doom passages which give the listener a bit time to take breath, if only for a short time. Very adept recorded should „“Hexenhammer“ not be missed in no Metal collection.


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