IN HUMAN FORM ”Earthen Urn”

Self Released – 2013 – United States

The Americans IN HUMAN FORM released last year their opus “Earthen Urn“ in in-house production. Once under the name AFAR founded is this after two EP’s and one split cd their first full-length cd.
What can I expect here musically? Dark Black Metal sounds which go deep into the Progressive area cover the listener like a gloomy cloud. Thereby IN HUMAN FORM strike quite calmer tones. Once experimental with industrial speckles runs the Progressive touch like a common thread through the all in all six songs. Black Metal riffs and most of all the nagging, very distinctive dark growls of vocalist Patrick Dupras round off the gloomy general view. It came out a very independent sound which contains even Jazz elements with saxophone and piano passages. This pretty arbitrary mix however sounds anything but chaotic or mixed. The gents know here exactly what they do! Very emotional recorded the production doesn’t lack of a certain severity. The powerful drumming already caters for this. Very professional and dedicated recorded there’s nothing wrong here productional. IN HUMAN FORM are with “Earthen Urn“ successful to implement their visions of Metal music in notes and tones. Who is into experimental Black Metal can grab here unhesitatingly!!!!


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