HYPERION ”Seraphical Euphony”

Black Lion Productions – 2015 – Sweden

HYPERION from Sweden released after their demo “Blood Of The Ancients“ their first full-length cd which is called “Seraphical Euphony“. It is again distributed by the label Black Lion Production.
The guys definitely pay homage to the band DISSECTION without thereby copying or even only repeating. Nevertheless you straight feel relegated into the good old days in several passages which must not be absolutely a disadvantage. A thunderstorm of Black Metal sounds hails down the listener. Pitch-black musical rain which allows no doubts to develop. A deadly symbiosis of hard, icecold Black Metal riffs and morbid melodic parts which let develop an unique sound. Very fast played reinforces this coldness and hopelessness. Melodic insertions in which also solis get a chance straighten out the extremely tense, emotional atmosphere a bit without thereby waterning the basic nature down. HYPERION also no way loose their power and morbidity at slower passages. Superb songs which take the listener in bizarre musical worlds of unfinite pains and misanthropy. The extremely emotional growls of Harry Laraeus reinforce pains and aggressiveness. Technical played you hear in each note professionalism and nevertheless a lot of blood, sweat and tears. An energized journey which excellently reflects the symbiosis between light and shade. A must for each Black Metal fan of the first hour and not only for those!!!!


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