HYPERION ”Blood Of The Ancients”

Demo – 2010 – Sweden

HYPERION are from Sweden. Since 2007 musically active as a band the label Black Lion Records released in September of this year their demo “Blood Of The Ancients“.
The demo initially starts very calm and sterling. Smooth keyboard sounds let presage a spheric production. But, this is a fallacy. After some seconds already the silence increases into a fireworks of Death, Black and also Thrash Metal. You can also hear here guitar solis which go little short of into the Rock area and fit in outstanding into the overall structure. Who thinks this is impossible is disabused here. Hard, multi-variant riffs which offer a potpourri of the above mentioned styles come upon calm parts which get along only with guitars and drums without any vocals. It originates a pretty bizarre musical mixture which delights the sympathetic listener. A pitch-black deadly symbiosis. Thereof develop sound worlds full of beauty and aggressiveness. By the high speed the calmer passages are downright a benefit for the listener and his neck muscle! The vocals are variable, too. Everything is included from clean vocals to grunts. It well adjustes to the actual moods and mixes with the forceful drumming to a musical unity. The demo gets at no time boring by the diversified riffs. It is energetic and thrilling. By the synthesizer insertions the morbid scary effect is additionally implemented which becomes the production. All in all well-rounded which whets your appetite. Listen to the demo of HYPERION by all means!!!!


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