HUMANITY DELETE ”Fuck Forever Off”

Iron Blood&Death Corp. – 2016 – Sweden

Rogga Johansson is known all over town. The Swede already played in countless bands. HUMANITY DELETE is his solo project. He released in June 2016 his latest opus “Fuck Forever Off“. It is distributed by the label Iron, Blood Death.
It circulates here. The musical topic is coarse Death Metal from the first note on. Paired with several Grindcore influences develops a high explosive mixture which is hard to beat for speed. Here lives Johnsson his musical fantasies to its fullest. Thereby it is not saved of hardness. The relatively high speed can be kept up the entire eight songs without any considerable loss of quality. The neck muscle rotates here non-stop! The concise guitar solis yet reinforce the energized atmosphere. “Fuck Forever Off“ is a truely masterpiece of the Swedish school. You hear here the seasoned musican who exactly knows what he wants. Professional recorded you should listen to “Fuck Forever Off“ by all means. It’s worth it!!!!


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