Hour of Penance

HOUR OF PENANCE are poised to strike & devastate the ears of the loyal disciples of death metal once more with a merciless master class in brutality entitled ‘Paradogma’ brought into inception at the legendary 16th Cellar Studios and mastered at the Hertz Studios in Poland. Unleashing a likely tour de force in maniacal death metal brutality, acelebration of music in it’s darkest and most inhuman form, HOUR OF PENACE have ascended to an even greater height of precision savagery. ‘Paradogma’ will be out worldwide March 30th on Unique Leader Records and in Australia via Stomp.Artwork by Gyula Havancsak .
02.Thousands of Christs
03. The Woeful Eucharesty
04.Malevolence of the righteous
05.Caged into Falsehood
06.Incestuous dynasty of Worms
07.Adversary of Bigotry
08.Incontrovertible Doctrines
09.Spiritual Ravishment

New track ‘PARADOGMA’ online now :

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