HORNCROWNED ”Defanatus-Diabolus Adventus”

HORNCROWNED (from Bogota´, Colombia) are truly no newcomer anymore. Already since 2001 under this band name existent they released in December 2014 their latest opus. It is called “Defanatus-Diabolus Adventus“ and ist distributed via Ketzer Records.
Let’s start the unholy roundel. Initially starting with calm, sacral tones this is only the quiet before the black storm. At the second song “Ectinction’s Apotheosis“ at the latest the listener figures out from one second to the other which musical intentions HORNCROWNED really have. The gents also take here no prisoners. You can hear Black Metal and nothing else. Pitch-black and extremely aggressive. The gents rush in a proverbial hell speed through the all in all twelve songs (Intro + outro inclusive). You can hear infinite hate and destruction in each note. They make “Defanatus-Diabolus Adventus“ to a fireworks of dark emotions. Conscious kept simple played riffs which are only a little bit relaxed by some melodic speckles build the base frame. Supported by a little short of inhuman fast drumming do the men credit to their reputation to be one of the most brutal Black Metal band. A thunderstorm of sounds of choices which thrills the listener. Dark, hateful musical worlds without any light or shades open in front of the mental eye. Thereby HORNCROWNED only reduce now and then their speed in order to accelerate fully the next moment. The listener is stretched to the limit. But, it definitely pays! It is little short of self-evident here that they worship the horned one lyrically. HORNCROWNED know what they do and implement it full of commitment and passion. A must for each Black Metal consumer!!!!


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