HOLYCIDE ”Toxic Mutation”

Xtreem Music – 2015 -Spain

The Spaniards HOLYCIDE are heard from again after their demo of the year 2013. Their latest trick is called “Toxic Mutation“ and is distributed via Extreem Music.
The guys rev up right from the beginning. Classical Thrash Metal resounds off my loudspeakers and smarten me up the day. Pleasant diversified riffs and energetic solis constitute “Toxic Mutation“ to an energetic cd. It thrills the listener and goes forward. By the powerful voice of Dave Rotten the production receives additional power and hardness. The professional cooperation of the rhythm fraction with the forceful drumming make clear that HOLYCIDE know exactly what they want musically and are also able to implement it. I can only recommend “Toxic Mutation“! A must for all Thrash Metal fans!!!!


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