Demo-2014- Finland

HIRSIPUU are from Finland. In April 2014 they released their cd “Ihmisestä“ in in-house production.
You can hear here Death Metal of the more severe kind. Diversified riffs which preset the direction of march melt with the highspeed doubleblast drumming to a deadly mixture which make a lasting impression. Forceful bass-lines put the final kick yet. The all in all eight songs ooze of energy and brutality. Thereby HIRSIPUU display a speed which blow the listeners’ brain off! You can hear in each note hate and anger, emphatic and extreme. The distinctive growls do one last thing that you don’t forget „Ihmisestä“ that fast. Very enthusiastic and intense recorded HIRSIPUU created here a strong piece of Death Metal music which you should treat yourselves by all means!!!!


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