HILDR VALKYRIE ”Shield Brothers of Valhalla”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2008 – Greece

Hildr Valkyrie, -known from Folkearth and Folkodia bands- Greek woman who formed her own solo project with some session members. She started this project in 2003, after 2 demos she released her debut album in 2008.

For Hildr Valkryrie’s style, no difference from that old concept and subject, but she has got original Folk/Viking metal project. More seated songs when she compares with other folk bands. With symphonic keyboards, it became more interesting.

Hyped back vocals like “heeeyy heheeeeeyyy”, she used it almost every song, weird… With that kind of vocals and same drum beats, it feels like you are listening the same song, over and over.

“Shield Brothers of Valhalla” put oneself forward in this record, for me. Also album contains cover song from Falkenbach and Bathory, right after the intro.

I can recommend that album to folk metal lovers and to the listeners who is searching a new musical stuff.


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