The traditional heavy metal band HEREGE finished the recordings of their debut, “Herege”, which lyrics are about marking historical facts of 20th and 21st Century, following a chronological order, from the end of Second World War, passing through Cold War, Latin America dictatorships, untill the present, with themes about globalization and terrorism.

It was recorded in Nitro Sound Solutions studio, being produced by Roger Fingle, who worked with several South-American metal bands and is also known as Earth, vocalist and multi-instrumentist of the bands Seduced by Suicide and Blood Tears.

Actually the cd is being mixed, and the track list will be:
01. Blitzkrieg
02. Last Day of the Führer
03. Bear Versus Eagle
04. Congress Cellars
05. Warfare
06. Turn off the TV
07. Plastic Flowers
08. Free Yourself
09. Limit
10. The Letter

The whole recording process was registered and posted online by the band, as the songs of the EP “Bang Your Heads” and several live videos.
They are available in the band’s website and MySpace

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