HEBOIDOPHRENE ”Origin of Madness”

The French HEBOIDOPHRENIE released their debut opus “Origin Of Madness“ via Phenix Promotion.

After an intro with female cries which may be arisen straight from a horror movie HEBOIDOPHRENIE show what they really want musically. Horror in the form of Death Metal tones starts. Typical Old School Death Metal riffs strike up a deadly symbiosis with a little short of highspeed doubleblast drumming. Thereby the gents renounce of too many experiments and folderol and come stright to the point. Thrash Metal speckles now and then give the necessary freshness and energy. The vocals vary between dark Death Metal growls and Grindcore grunting which offers additionally aggressiveness and brutality and fits well into the overall structure. „Origin Of Madness“ is therefore no cd for weak nerves. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears you should get yourself HEBOIDOPHRENIE by all means!!!!


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