HATEVOMIT ”Necrovomit”

Underground Resistance /Symbol of Domination Records – 2015 – Turkey/Cyprus

HATEVÖMIT are already since a few years musically active. This year they are heart from again. Their opus is called “Necrövömit“. The cd distributed via Underground Resistance Records/Symbol Of Domination Records.
It also gets here straight down to the nitty-gritty. Old School Black Metal mixed with a proper portion of Death Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Raw and pure songs which bear the anger and hate of the entire world. Forceful and very intense develop energized melodies which doesn’t fail to have the desired effect. Thereby the gents from Turkey completely refrain from experiments and technical gimmickry. This reinforces the impetuous and hard atmosphere. A thunderstorm of darkness and aggressive sounds which let not time to breathe air. The high speed yet reinforces the aggressive character of the production. Here is headbanging the order of the day! Very dedicated and primordial recorded, “Necrövömit“ is a must-buy for each fan of the harder style!!!!

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