Hello Matteo Antonelli (aka Gray Ravenmoon), I am very pleased that you accepted to answer my questions. First of all I would like to point out to our readers that Hateful Desolation is an Italian-Egyptian project by you of course, and your Egyptian friend Void, I personally know more in Frostagrath, he’s also active in some other projects, recently he made me discover his last work: Hecate (Black Metal project), so basically, I know what kind of work he did and do now. Can you tell us about what you did before you joined Hateful Desolation?
Hi Rev, thank you very much for this interview! I’ve never had projects before Hateful Desolation… H.D. is my first project, I work with my friend Void, and it’s an honour for me, he’s a very… very good musician.

You are from Italy Void is from Egypt, how are you working actually?
We do a virtual work: for now Void sends me the musical base and the lyrics, and with these things I do the vocals. In “Your Memory Will Never Fade” the vocal lines were done by Void, but for the next songs I do it, and I hope the lyrics too. I hope that we can reduce the distance and become a physical band, but that’s hard. We will see it in the future.

Your voice is exactly what Depressive Black Metal needs, was it the main reason for you joined Hateful Desolation? Tell us about how you knew him and joined the band/project.
Thanks for the compliments! Hum no, before joining Hateful Desolation I didn’t know my potential, because I’ve never tried to create something in matter of metal. I’ve known Void because he has asked me before for a review on my webzine “Sadik Underground Review”, and after talking several times about that, we became friends. My joining in the band occurred because I’ve wanted to try to express what I feel, so I’ve asked Void if he was interested in featuring me, only in one song, he had proposed to me that if he liked my vocals, I would become the official vocalist of the project.

The song «Your Memory will never Fade» reminds me of some Agalloch, Thy Light, Lustre songs… etc, what are your influences?
My influences? I honestly Don’t know, I don’t want that someone inspires me, I only want to express myself.

Fair enough (smile).
Depressive Black Metal is in general related to darkness, grief, nature sometimes and so on… All this through a very important element which is lyrics, who writes them and what is your main inspiration?

 Till now, it’s Void who writes the lyrics, but perhaps after this demo I will write too. I don’t already know my ispirations, but for sure they are about my experiences, personal stories, feelings, my different states of mind, emotions and other personal things. I already have in my mind some titles (like “Borderli(n)e, for example), but for things things we need much time, we’ll talk about this after our demo “Withering in Dust”.

Tell us about your future works and perspectives, are you gonna develop this project and release more stuff?
If nothing bad happens, for sure. I’ve already in my mind a great idea for an album, but it isn’t simple, it will take some time, and probably, we’ll do some splits or other experiences, before/during that.

Matteo Antonelli, thank you for your time, I leave you a last word to say
Thank you too for this great interview! You will listen to the new song as soon as possible; it’s a promise (laugh)

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