HATE ”Crusade:Zero”

Napalm Records – 2015- Poland

Hate from Poland unleashed a Black/Death Metal inferno upon the listeners which reminds a bit of some older Behemoth like at their “Demigod” times. Since Behemoth doesn’t play that kind any more, Hate are good to fill the emptiness. Straight Black and Death Metal with killer riffs and blast beats combined with growls straight out of hell. The only problem with this record is that 12 songs all almost in the same speed can be a bit hard to listen to if you are not a Die Hard Black/Death Metal fan, but I guess that this release is only for such fans. Sure, there is an intro to this album which is a mix of different sounds, but I don’t count that in. OK, the songs also have some speed changes which give to them a certain something, but there could be more for someone like me. I won’t say that this release is bad, it is far away from that. It has also a lot of good things to offer. I just wanted to show both sides of it. This band has great ideas which they put in the songs here on this album. At certain moments they remind me of Nile with their weird (in a good way) elements in the songs.

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