Harbringer – Antagonist

'Antagonist' is taken from the 'A Letter To Anguish' Mini-Album. Released worldwide 25th May 2022.

Comment from Ben Sutherland (guitarist)

Antagonist is a tune that we really enjoyed writing – we all love big grooves and this song was a chance for us to really explore that side of our taste. Joel (Scott, drummer) and I fleshed out this song deep in the pandemic, as one of the first songs that were finished for ‘A Letter To Anguish’, and tying it all together was such a labour of love that we never wanted to finish working on it!

I can’t wait to play this one live, as I think it unites a lot of the sounds on this record – there are the big riffs and chorus sections, the tight grooves, as well as a darker undertone than we had ever explored on our previous record, Compelled To Suffer (2019). It represents a new step in the journey of the band, with Dilan at the helm, and allows us to really experiment with the sounds that made us want to start this band in the first place.

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