HANGATYR – ”Elemente”

Self Released – 2013- Germany

The Thuringian band HANGATYR are heart from again. They released “Elemente“ in in-house production at the end of January 2014.
The opus initially starts very symphonic and instrumental. But, it is over with tranquility and contemplativeness at the latest at the second song “Die Sprache Der Zwölf“. Icecold Black Metal riffs come upon now to melodic parts. This symbiosis receives its power by a strong-willed drumming. Powerful bass-lines yet put the final touches to “Elemente“. Together it results in a very independent musical mixture which seems pitch-black, hard and cold and which is nevertheless filled with light in terms of melodies. This seemingly opposite however becomes blurred at closer listening. Dream worlds of bygone times develop. Odes of heroic deeds and battles of the Old World are resurrected musically. The lyrics are all written in German language which is an additional advantage. Very intense and thrilling composed HANGATYR soothing differs from the other Pagan Metal mishmash. Listen to “Elemente“ yourselves. I can only recommend this cd!!!!


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