HANDFUL OF HATE ”To Perdition”

Code666 – 2013 – Italy

HANDFUL OF HATE are heard from again. Just in time of their 20-years band jubilee they put their latest opus “To Perdition“ on the market. It is distributed by Code666/Aural Music (Many thanks to Aural Music for the cd!!).
And the gents show from the first minute on that they haven’t unlearnt anything during the meanwhile 20 years. Still full of hate and emotions offers “To Perdition“ Black Metal of a class of its own. The all in all eleven songs bristle up only thus darkness and despite. Like a dark cloud of sorrow, misanthropy and infinite coldness the songs enwrap the listener and hold him captive. A painful journey into the unknown starts of which there seems to be no way out. Refined with various Death Metal influences develop this way independent compositions. Technically more adept than at their previous productions show HANDFUL OF HATE here why they are still with heart and soul mind. You actually need not to mention that you hear with each note that grown musicians were at work. The guys know their craft and they are quite in the position to be able to implement their musical visions in notes and tones. An aggressive, very intense atmosphere originates which can’t be even darker. The unmistakably, emotionally-charged growls of vocalist and guitarist Nicola Bianchi are here the icing on the cake yet. HANDFUL OF HATE doesn’t only play Black Metal, they literally breathe it. Very technical played this aspect gives “To Perdition“ extra coldness and hardness. The gents indeed take away now and then the foot off the accellerator a bit. But, this is only a drop in the ocean. All in all an extremely successful cd which whets your appetite! An absolutely must for all fans of technical Black Metal or Death Metal!!!!


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