GWYDION ”Veteran”

Self Released Album – 2013 – Portugal

GWYDION are heart from again! Already since 1995 together as a band the Portuguese released with “Veteran“ their already third full-length cd via Metal Revelation.
The guys also offer here Pagan Metal at its best! Epic-bombastic songs full of passion and fire. It is told about battles and heroic deeds of bygone times which are make alive musically by GWYDION. Multifarious song structures which only disclose its entire richness by repeated listening invite for dreaming and bawling. Very melodic presented the all in all eleven songs nevertheless doesn’t let miss hardness and self-assertion. Therefor caters already the forceful doubleblast drumming as well as the diversified riffs. Thereby came out drinking songs of a class of its own. Synthesizer sounds additionally relax the atmosphere. Here arises definitely happiness while listening. Background choirs which once offer lovely female vocals or also dark male vocals support and emphasize severity and beauty of the production. “Veteran“ got a very thrilling cd which casts a spell over the listener from the first to the last minute. You pick out joy of playing and commitment of the band in each song. Downright brimming over the listener was infected, too. Very professional recorded is “Veteran“ a must-buy for each (Pagan) Metal fan! Convince yourselves. It’s worth it!!!!


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