Guttertrash – ”Demo 2013”

Self-Released – 2013 – Greece

Hailing from Thessaloniki in Greece comes a brand new Black Metal band that fuses their sound

with an outpouring of Speed and Thrash mayhem and carnage! This is the debut offering from this

one man affair, a four track demo which takes up only eleven minutes of your time but will compel

you to hit the repeat button more than once! Opening track “Memento Mori” is a slamming ode

to chaos with adrenaline fuelled belligerence very much the order of the day! Furious blast beats

and double kick drumming collide heavily with ravenous gruelling riffs and vocals and the bands

darkened sleazy sound hits a winning note right from the beginning. Equally as devastating and

showing no signs of a wavering in intensity comes “Suffer the Pain” whose machine gun fire riffs,

rumbling bass lines and frenetic drumming display show a level of violence not easily matched! If

you can believe it, “Vital Distress” comes armed with an even more brutal edged sound as well as

a hungrier for destruction feel too it and is soon blasting away into the demo’s finale, “Corrupted

Game”, itself a volatile explosion of bile inducing war anthem! A cracking opening demo then from

these Greek miscreants! Watch out for more to come!


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